How to bet on basketball

You do like basketball and you want to start betting on your favorite sport? How can you bet on a match from NBA? Well, it is easy. There are many different options which most of the bookmakers offer to the punters who like basketball betting. 

The most popular is called Point spread. In this option to the weaker team are added few points as a handicap. They can be from 0.5 to more than 20. You have to pick the winner with this point margin. 

Another very popular option on basketball betting is to bet on basketballguess how many points both teams will score in the match. The bookies are giving you a range, for example 180 points and you should pick above or below will be the amount of points both teams will make. 

Another great betting option for a basketball match is which part of the match will be with most points. The odds for this particular bet are between 3.2 and 4.5 which makes it very popular among the punters. 

There are many other options for basketball betting. One of them is who will reach first 20 points. This betting option is called Race to 20 points. 

Another great option for betting on basketball is to pick the correct margin with which one of the teams will win the game. Of course, it is very difficult to choose the correct margin, but the odds are really good. They are often above 21. 

The team with highest scoring quarter is the last betting option which is commonly offered by the bookies. It is clear what is offered here. You have to pick the team which will score most points on a single quarter. 

Basketball and especially NBA give lots of options for betting. The NBA matches have another huge advantage – they are so many that you can easily use good stats for your bets.

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How to bet on soccer

You want to bet on soccer and you want to know what kind of betting options the bookmakers are offering you. I have to say, there are many. On a big soccer match you can bet on more than 120 different variables.

The main betting options are who will be the winner – the home team, the away team or the game may finish in a draw. You can also bet with doubles – for example you can bet for the home team and for draw at the same time. 

Another option for betting on a soccer match is the correct score. The point is to guess the exact score of the match. It would be great if you do it because the odds are really high for this option. 

Another popular soccer betting option is to guess the half time leader and bet on soccerthe final winner. The odds again are much higher in that betting option compared to just to pick a winner which makes it also very attractive for the punters. 

Maybe the second most popular betting option is to guess how many goals will be scored in the match. The bookmaker gives a border to the punters. Usually it is 2.5 goals and the punters have to guess below or above that line will be the sum of all goals scored by both teams. 

We continue to explain you the different betting options for a soccer match offered by the bookmakers. The next two are really interesting because they give a chance to the punter to exclude the draw as a possible outcome. These options are called draw no bet and Asian handicap. In the draw no bet option the bookies would return the money to the punter when the match ends with draw. On Asian handicap an advantage is given to the weaker team which gives only two possible endings for the soccer match.

Those above are just a few of all betting options offered by the bookmakers for every soccer match. Go to one of them where you will find all of it.

Be familiar Asian handicap betting

One of the most used methods for betting on sports events is the so called Asian handicap. If you want to be familiar with betting and to be successful you have to learn what Asian handicap is and how to use it for better results.

So, what is Asian handicap? When you bet on the ordinary handicap version you have an advantage given in advance to one of the players or clubs which are going to play with each other.

For example you have a match between Arsenal and Norwich and the guest has a handicap of +1.5. This means that if asian handicap bettingArsenal wins with 2:1 your bet for Norwich will be successful because they had margin of 1.5.

On Asian handicap betting the things are a bit more difficult. There you will see something like Norwich +1;+1.5. This means that your bet is divided by two. The first half of it goes to handicap for Norwich +1 and the other half goes to +1.5. So, if Arsenal wins with 2:1 you will win just half of your bet. The other half will be returned to you because when Arsenal wins by one goal the difference has been aligned by the handicap.

How can you use Asian handicap in your betting? Well, it helps you to avoid the draw in football betting for example. When you bet on three possible outcomes it is much more difficult to win against the bookies. With the Asian handicap the possible outcomes are just two and both of them could be evaluate around 2 by the bookie which gives you great chances.

Use Asian handicaps in your betting strategies and you will find many new opportunities for betting success.