How to bet on basketball

You do like basketball and you want to start betting on your favorite sport? How can you bet on a match from NBA? Well, it is easy. There are many different options which most of the bookmakers offer to the punters who like basketball betting. 

The most popular is called Point spread. In this option to the weaker team are added few points as a handicap. They can be from 0.5 to more than 20. You have to pick the winner with this point margin. 

Another very popular option on basketball betting is to bet on basketballguess how many points both teams will score in the match. The bookies are giving you a range, for example 180 points and you should pick above or below will be the amount of points both teams will make. 

Another great betting option for a basketball match is which part of the match will be with most points. The odds for this particular bet are between 3.2 and 4.5 which makes it very popular among the punters. 

There are many other options for basketball betting. One of them is who will reach first 20 points. This betting option is called Race to 20 points. 

Another great option for betting on basketball is to pick the correct margin with which one of the teams will win the game. Of course, it is very difficult to choose the correct margin, but the odds are really good. They are often above 21. 

The team with highest scoring quarter is the last betting option which is commonly offered by the bookies. It is clear what is offered here. You have to pick the team which will score most points on a single quarter. 

Basketball and especially NBA give lots of options for betting. The NBA matches have another huge advantage – they are so many that you can easily use good stats for your bets.