How to bet on soccer

You want to bet on soccer and you want to know what kind of betting options the bookmakers are offering you. I have to say, there are many. On a big soccer match you can bet on more than 120 different variables.

The main betting options are who will be the winner – the home team, the away team or the game may finish in a draw. You can also bet with doubles – for example you can bet for the home team and for draw at the same time. 

Another option for betting on a soccer match is the correct score. The point is to guess the exact score of the match. It would be great if you do it because the odds are really high for this option. 

Another popular soccer betting option is to guess the half time leader and bet on soccerthe final winner. The odds again are much higher in that betting option compared to just to pick a winner which makes it also very attractive for the punters. 

Maybe the second most popular betting option is to guess how many goals will be scored in the match. The bookmaker gives a border to the punters. Usually it is 2.5 goals and the punters have to guess below or above that line will be the sum of all goals scored by both teams. 

We continue to explain you the different betting options for a soccer match offered by the bookmakers. The next two are really interesting because they give a chance to the punter to exclude the draw as a possible outcome. These options are called draw no bet and Asian handicap. In the draw no bet option the bookies would return the money to the punter when the match ends with draw. On Asian handicap an advantage is given to the weaker team which gives only two possible endings for the soccer match.

Those above are just a few of all betting options offered by the bookmakers for every soccer match. Go to one of them where you will find all of it.